About Krista Brandsma

Krista is a full-time homemaker who spends her days caring for her husband and 5 boys and stealing rare moments of peace when she can find them. She is a firm believer in organization and having a plan but has learned along the way that God has a real sense of humor as He completely threw out her plans years ago. She has two Canadian born sons, two Korean-Canadian sons and one Thai-Canadian son, ranging in age from 2-15. Life is rarely organized but never dull at the Brandsma house. When the wrestling, play fighting, and practical jokes overwhelm her, she simply turns her music up and sings louder.

Nov 6, 2017


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Expectations. We've all got them. In fact, we often have high expectations; especially of ourselves and the ones we love most. Expectations can be great. They have the power to motivate and kick us in the butt. They push us to do our best. Like when my boys look to the bench and see the [...]

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