About Roy Van Eerden

Roy has been on staff at ACS for more than two decades! While most of us know him as the elementary principal, over the years he has also been a grade five teacher, grade seven teacher, vice principal, and community relations coordinator. He and his wife Jane have two children and two grandchildren. He enjoys cycling and fondly remembers cycling from Victoria to Edmonton as part of the 10th annual Cycling for Celiacs ride. If an opportunity to go canoeing or kayaking presents itself, Roy will jump at it, carefully.
Nov 13, 2017


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About an hour drive outside of Guatemala City, we arrived at Bethel school in Patzicia. As usual, we were welcomed warmly into the school by the administrators, but also by the children as they were having their break. We exchanged many handshakes, high fives and fist bumps. During my trip to Guatemala at the end [...]

Apr 10, 2017

Ice Cream, New Shoes and Two Parks

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When the temperature is in the mid to high 30s, the tinkle of the ice cream cart is a great sound. We were able to enjoy an ice cream sandwich or a fudge bar when the ice cream man showed up at an opportune time during our trip to Nicaragua. Mostly it was the leaders [...]

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