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Seth is a husband and father of 4 daughters. Yes, that’s right–4 daughters! To keep some sanity, he works at an elementary school, which always happens to be relaxing, calm, and quiet, right? He enjoys learning with his students, trying new ideas and tools out, and laughing at all of the quirky things that happen during a “regular” school day. He’s been involved in Christian education as a student, teacher/administrator for a few decades.Seth enjoys reading, gardening, biking, listening to music, and watching Seahawks football (whether they win or not, preferably if they win).
Feb 6, 2015

What’s the Point?!

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Sadly, one of the most enjoyable, meaningful and challenging learning opportunities I had did not take place in a classroom. It took place in my backyard, during summer break, when I finally responded in the positive, to enough prodding from my wife and begging from my then three young girls to build the girls a [...]

Jan 12, 2015


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I lost my voice again this year. Couldn’t speak at all. Croaks, whispers, whistles and frantic waving of hands in gestures not even remotely resembling sign language were all you could get from me. It happens about once every school year, and you think I’d learn… A bad idea.  Yelling at students is a bad [...]

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