Dec 19, 2017


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BY: ESTHER DE JONG, ACS PARENT Christmas Spirit As I slowly began the process of pulling out my Christmas decorations, after hearing the first Christmas song playing on the radio, I pulled out the old Christmas sweaters from my ”tickle trunk” at the top of my closet. I successfully pulled out two brightly coloured knit [...]

Feb 6, 2017

Top 11 Things You Hear on the Golf Course

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On an annual basis, during late January/early February, my father flies all of his boys (3 of us) and a son-in-law out to the Phoenix area for a long weekend of golf. This year was no exception. Not only was it a great weekend of golf with memories that came from this, but it was [...]

Dec 14, 2016

The Best Season Ever

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Not long ago, I heard secondary teacher Trent De Jong describe athletics by saying, “At ACS we don’t just compete, we represent.”  I heard a great story the other day from one of our coaches in the staff room that exemplified this idea. Here is Joanne Friesen, the Jr. Boys’ Volleyball Head Coach, in her [...]

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