Jan 9, 2017

Dreaming of the Beach

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At the Christian Teachers Association of British Columbia (CTABC) convention in October, (the one where students get two days off before Thanksgiving and the teachers all go to school), CTABC made an exciting announcement. They were changing their name to Christian Educators of British Columbia (CEBC), which better represented the many people who work to educate each READ MORE...

Dec 4, 2016

Selfless Servants

By | 2017-08-01T21:43:19+00:00 December 4, 2016|Elementary, Whole Child Education|

I can’t remember exactly when I first met Mike Ouwerkerk. I know it was early on in my time here at ACS, 22 years ago. Mike initiated our Grandparent Crossing Patrol. Back then, there were no houses around our school property and looking out the front of the school you mostly saw a large, sandy READ MORE...

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