Oct 17, 2014

Why My Daughter is Dressed as a Lombax

By | 2017-08-01T21:43:35+00:00 October 17, 2014|Middle School, Technology|

When Tym first asked me if I would be willing to be the Middle School Staff blogger for Inside Out, he suggested possible ways that I could begin a blog post.  One was “So, my husband is gaming again….”  “Again?” I retorted. “More like still gaming or has become obsessed with yet another video game.” Yes, READ MORE...

May 14, 2014

FaceTime Faux-Pas

By | 2017-08-01T21:43:38+00:00 May 14, 2014|Parenting, Secondary, Technology|

I know it’s not very lady-like, but sometimes I burp.   It probably wasn't the best time to let go of one of those big bellywonkers, but it happened right as I walked into my daughter’s room. Me: "Braack…whatcha doing?" A: "My homework…and, say hi to Zoe." Me: (recoiling in shame) "When did Zoe get READ MORE...

May 2, 2014

Minecraft: Teaching Tool or Time Waster?

By | 2017-08-01T21:43:38+00:00 May 2, 2014|Elementary, Middle School, Technology|

You can’t make a very good birdhouse with a set of tweezers. Eventually, you might squeeze a few nails into the right places, and I suppose if you got a splinter, at least the tweezers would be more helpful than a hammer.  When you want to do a job well, it’s important to choose the READ MORE...

Feb 7, 2014

Be Afraid, Fearless Students!

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In early December, I received a direct Twitter message from a friend that said, “If you wish to grow thinner, diminish your dinner” (a Benjamin Franklin quote). I was somewhat baffled, as this message seemed to be completely out of context. When I went onto Twitter however, the context was made clear. Apparently, someone had READ MORE...

Jan 22, 2014

Remember When Email Was Exciting?

By | 2017-08-01T21:43:39+00:00 January 22, 2014|Parenting, Technology|

I remember when getting an email was a novelty. I wrote my first email in college to my roommate sitting in the computer lab next to me.  Eventually, after marrying and being transplanted to Abbotsford, I used email as a way to keep in touch with my family living in the prairies. I'd turn on READ MORE...

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