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I am not an artist, but I like to create. What I wear each day is like my way of being creative. I like to pull items together and build new outfits that I may have never worn in the past. I would like to think that I look decent each day, but what you are about to read might prove me to be wrong. The following include some grade 1 perspectives of my attire over the past three years.

One cool October day, in my first year of teaching, (yes, you can note the date clues I put in here, in order to determine if it might be your child) I wore nice warm socks to keep my feet warm on our field trip to the Chilliwack Corn Maze. I had been wearing rubber boots all day since we were outside, but when we got back to school, I took those boots off and put on some shorter boots.

One of my boys asked me, “Miss Feenstra, why are you wearing dad socks?”

dad socks

Comfy and Cozy

A few years ago, I found an amazing wool coat, by Hudson Bay Company, from a thrift store. It is very warm and cozy. One windy day, I was on supervision on the playground and I was wearing my big red coat when a student came from behind me and asked, “Why are you wearing your house coat at school?”

Does it really look like a house coat?

Amy's red coat

I can see your…

Run for Water is an amazing organization that Abbotsford Christian School invests time and money into. We talk a lot about where our money goes, and what happens with it. To top it all off, we have a mini-run at our school to celebrate and increase excitement for the run with the city of Abbotsford. In my second year of teaching, I was all geared up for the run with my runners, shorts and t-shirt. I was getting my students all excited when one of my boys came up to me and asked, “Miss Feenstra, why are you only wearing your underwear?”

Amy's yellow shorts

Are the shorts really that short?


I recently got married, but before even getting engaged, my now husband and I took the time to look at different rings. After many discussions about the many options I told him that I really wanted a white gold band. No diamond. No other stone. Just a band. One day I was working at the desk of a student and she looked at my hand, obviously deep in thought. Then she looked up at me and said, “Mrs. Braun, your wedding ring is the same as my grandpa’s.”

Amy's ring

Feeling manlier every day.

Painting day?

I found this wild dress at Good Will, a few weeks ago. It was a steal of a deal, so I took it home. The first time I wore it to school one of my boys came straight to me before he even took his backpack off and said, “Mrs. Braun, you look so pretty in that dress. I really like it!” Feeling very flattered, I thanked him. He smiled and me and said, “Does this mean we get to paint today?”

Wait, do you think I painted this dress to look like this?

Patterned dress

I am happy to say the comments I receive from my grade 1 students do not affect the way I choose what to wear for the day. I do, however, laugh at times when I look at my closet thinking of what they might think.



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Cheryl Funk

This is awesome Amy….keep them coming, you should write a kids book on fashion….create what you wear 🙂

Sophia Feenstra

So great! you have the best students, and you get the best dressed award each day. It already started in your younger years (age 3 or4), you came out of your room dressed for the day wearing plaid with polka dots….whoever thought all these years later that you could actually wear that and get away with it. Most importantly is the smile you always wear, that covers up the dad socks, house coat, grandpa ring etc.


I love it! Kids give a whole new perspective on things. You have a great sense of fashion and a great sense of humour to complement it!


Too funny! Kids say the darndest things and I love the pictures you have to go with it all. Keep dressing amazing!

Alice vandyke

I love the paint dress:)