A Few of My Favourite Things…

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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens might have been good for Maria von Trapp, but there’s a few things I like too…

Fresh sheets, especially if they were line-dried
Peanut butter on fresh bread
Being in charge of the TV remote
My husband’s blue eyes
Cuddles on the couch from kids who are far too large to sit on my lap anymore
Feeling good after a cold
Clean windows
Making dinner for my family and them telling me that it actually tastes good
My new brown boots
“I’m sorry”
That campfire smell on a clear summer night
Saturday night church services
Emails from friends
Cannonballs into a pool
A soft cozy blanket
Watching a fish swim around in an aquarium
A good report card written by someone who knows my kid
The smile you get when you pick your kids up and they weren’t expecting it
Birthday party invitations
Friday night “pizza and a movie night”
Flowers on my table
Being able to see the kitchen counter top
Happy faces
Road trips
A paycheck
Reading in front of the fireplace
Hiking to the top of a mountain
Trumpeter swans and chickadees
Freshly cut lawns
Having to wear sunglasses
An empty tomb
“Thank you”

Stop and think today.  What is on your list of favorite things?  

“Tell the Lord how thankful you are, because he is kind and always merciful.” Psalm. 118:1


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Tanya Kieneker
Tanya Kieneker

The daffodils along the highway in Abbotsford!