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Birthdays at the Siebenga House 

When my siblings (one older sister and two younger brothers) and I were growing up together, we would run downstairs on the mornings of our birthdays to read “The List.” Yes, we did look forward to the presents we would get (although I’m not sure I remember any of the gifts I received), but the highlight of our morning was to read the list my father would write in his own handwriting and post on the wall for all to see. It was a list that pointed the many characteristics that my parents noticed and appreciated about us. It listed our gifts and our potential. Every year this list captured the essence of us and gave us a true sense that we were loved by our parents for who we were. In short they were celebration lists.

I loved those lists and have kept some of them as keepsakes bringing back special memories of my childhood. I was so proud of those lists and secretly wished my parents would leave them up for months so that everyone who came to our house would read and admire the list.

 It’s for these reasons that I have sought to continue this tradition for my own kids, and in talking to my siblings in their adulthood—most of them have done the same for their families—a fun way to share in the memories of our childhood. Recently for a birthday that I celebrated—my kids wrote their own lists for me…it was the best present I received—by far!




The List at ACS

ACS is coming off a year of historic celebration. We celebrated all school year long and made sure to honour the people who sacrificed so much to see the school become what it is today. Ultimately we honoured our faithful Lord and Saviour whom we seek to serve as we continue to engage minds, nurture hearts, and shape God’s world. When we celebrate, we acknowledge the gifts our students have been given; we get to witness the character that our students and our community posses; and we get to participate in raising our covenant children together.

Celebrations and celebration lists are a part of our DNA at ACS—it’s one of our core beliefs and it’s something we believe God has called us to do together as a community. So thanks to everyone who was a part of our celebration last school year. It was an incredible time of celebrating our 60 year heritage.

Now we are ready to write the next set of lists for ACS…what will it say? Perhaps:

  • Learning that engages every student?
  • A beautiful new renovation at the secondary campus?
  • Affordable tuition for all Christian families in Abbotsford?
  • Students who serve God’s kingdom?
  • Graduates who shape God’s world?

There is one thing that definitely will be on the list—ACS will be a school that celebrates!


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