Swords, Guns, and Ruffians

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I’ve come to the realization that I’m one of “those” moms. Back when Caleb was little, I was absorbing everything I could from the experienced moms around me, including strangers. I wanted to know how to do this mom thing right but probably more often than not I was making careful note of what I would never do. For example:

I will never be one of “those” moms who chats at the playground, completely oblivious to their children playing wild chasing games, endangering my little one with their careless behaviour. Those ruffians! And the moms…don’t  they want to make the most of every moment to bond and connect with their little ones?!   

  • REALITY CHECK: If there’s another adult around to chat with, stranger or not, I’m gonna grab my opportunity. And if it means my kids have a chance to burn off some energy without needing me for a few minutes, well, that’s a win-win situation for all.

I will never be one of “those” moms who lets their children out in public with bed head, clothes that look like they were used as a napkin, and snot dripping from their nose. 

  • REALITY CHECK:  Getting Caleb ready for an “outing” was a little different than getting Levi ready. For one thing, we’re always late. Never mind the four other boys, the school lunches that need to be made, the grocery list to be remembered, the fact that the only place to find clean undies is by rifling through the pile of unfolded laundry covering most of the couch and the fact that Levi dresses himself in the morning. So if the shorts are on backwards, the shirt’s been worn three days in a row and the shoes are on the wrong feet…he’s still cute to me.   


I will never be one of “those” moms who let their children play with weapons of any kind. Nerf guns? Swords? Pirates? Bad guys? It’s all a matter of providing the appropriate toys and encouraging gentle, peaceful playtime activities.

  • REALITY CHECK: God gave me five boys and there’s nothing gentle or peaceful about it. I’ve tried! I really have! But it’s pointless. I might as well provide the foam sword because otherwise a random tree branch or a chunk of  2 X 4 will be used in the duel. And encouraging them to be GOOD guys?! They’re willing to be good “bad guys” but seriously mom, don’t be such a girl!

I will never be one of “those” moms who lets the little ones grow up before their time, learning way too much from their older siblings. I will keep them young and innocent. 

  • REALITY CHECK: *sniff*  It”s hopeless. My 6-year-old can sing all the lyrics to Dynamite and requests I sing it to him as his lullaby.  My 3-year-old wakes me up in the morning by pointing a mini hockey stick through the door and shouting, “Stick your hands up!!” 

I AM one of “those” moms. Perhaps even the kind that has kids who other moms politely discourage their little ones from playing with. And that’s okay.  I love my gun-toting, yogurt-splattered, wild-haired, little ruffians.


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Maureen Greene
Maureen Greene

Well written and so true! Love it!!
I totally said #3 many times.


Wow – this is so true! Thanks for sharing – especially about boys, weapons, and being the “bad guy”! Glad to know it’s not just my kid! My famous last words (for my daughter): “I’ll never let my daughter have all things Disney-princess.” We’re up to our eyeballs over here in Disney princess. Turns out, kids have minds of their own! 😉


AMEN! And I only have ONE boy…

Aunt Caroline
Aunt Caroline

Great article Krista! I can relate with first raising 4 boys and now 1 boy and 3 girls – there definitely is a difference. I also had great ideas how our kids were going to be in plays, sing in the choirs, be on sports teams etc etc and you know what – they are living their own lives the way they want and that’s alright too.


I so love your blog….and I can SO relate…boys will be boys, there’s just no stopping it!

Trent DeJong

This is a great article, even for those who don’t specialize in boys, even for those who have no children. I for one have been guilty of making declarative statements, and then life happens and you learn a little humility. One of the best posts ever, Krista!