I Should Have Been an Architect

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Allow me to share with you a true story about a workshop I was in recently. Perhaps something like what I describe in the following happens to you as you listen to a speaker in a workshop: 

The title of the workshop was “Architecture Always Wins,” and the leader of the workshop went on to suggest many reasons why he believed we are significantly shaped by our surroundings. As the workshop continued to unfold, I found myself continuing to nod in agreement and believe him more and more.

However, I started to drift off just a little bit and think about our school and how we learn, and how the designs of our buildings and our structures have an impact on how our students learn. 

And then I began to realize the societal impact that architects have on our world. 

And then I wondered if I should have studied to be an architect—the effect that architects have on our world is profound! And if my goal was to make a difference in this world, maybe I should have chosen architecture…

But then I refocused my thoughts to think about the future of ACS and that there are discussions happening about “redesigning” and renovating the secondary campus right now…and I started to get excited about what could be. 

I tuned back in to what the workshop leader was saying…actually not really. He was kind of boring compared to my dreaming….What could the ACS secondary campus really look like? 

In the end, the speaker was quite convincing…architecture always wins and I was left with a few questions to ponder on my way home…. Does the architecture in my life win? Are we creatures that are fully affected by our surroundings, or can we be who God intended us to be regardless of the designs and structures around us?

What do you think?


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Jonathan Boer
Jonathan Boer

Interesting thoughts, Julius. I think architecture is like many other “circumstances” in life; they do impact people and can be more or less optimal, but they do not hold absolute sway. We always have a choice in how we respond to circumstances. Having said that, we would do well to to make the school’s physical environment as optimal as possible, so that we do not create stumbling blocks for students. Architecture doesn’t always win, but it sure has an impact on the game.