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I’m 50 and I’ve begun to skateboard. But, this board isn’t anything that you could imagine.

My nephew Kyle Doerksen in California graduated from Stanford with multiple degrees in engineering and then went on to work eight years for an innovative design and consulting firm called IDEO. For eight years he invented things that never existed before. On the weekends he played around with his own invention—a one wheeled, computer controlled, electric skateboard. 

I know, it sounds crazy. But last year, he quit his job and set out to raise money through to build a factory and produce his invention. He set out to raise $100,000 in two weeks but instead raised $630,000. My wife and I supported his company a year ago through Kickstarter and at Christmas received a Onewheel.

It is awesome. But more than that, Kyle’s story gives us a glimpse into the future of education. He set out to learn through multiple disciplines, collaboration, trial and error, and great personal investment how to make something which had never existed.  He is an innovator. We want to prepare students at ACS to not just consume information but use information to be creators. We need to teach students how to learn for the 21st century. We hope our students will explore their learning through multiple disciplines, collaboration, trial and error, and great personal investment.

Our ultimate goal is to lead students toward engaging learning while immersed in the Biblical worldview. As we look to the future of Christian education, we hope to see a school with engaged learners who are interested, excited, involved and invested in their learning even as they think about how to shape God’s world. Don’t miss the intentionality of the first part of our mission statement which says, “Engaging minds.”  

Two weeks ago, our Presentation of Learning night showcased some incredibly innovative and engaging learning. Our students have become so much better at presenting ideas. I am sure, like me, you were impressed by the quality of so many presentations that evening. The energy, enthusiasm, pride and creativity in the building was inspiring. This kind of engagement is our future. And, we’re getting there!

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  1. Lynne Page January 27, 2015 at 9:12 am - Reply

    Its an awesome story. Well done Kyle.
    I love this invention. How long is the learning curve to ride one? What is the cost for one of these and where can one get one?

  2. Gerry Goertzen January 27, 2015 at 1:05 pm - Reply

    Thanks Lynne! To answer your questions… Learning Curve: 5 minutes. Self-balancing is for real… even Debbie learned in 5 min and she’s never been on any board in her life.
    Cost and Availability: See Website –

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