Why I Bother

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Some days I wonder why I bother. Like with those parenting ideas I have that seem very smart at the time. 

Most of my boys weren’t interested in crafts, colouring, cutting, drawing, etc. I didn’t push it. But when Owen went to kindergarten and the poor kid couldn’t cut a straight line, I realized that I was a little remiss with my “not pushing it” theory.  So I decided to give Levi all the opportunities that Owen missed out on. The last kid is when you finally get it right, isn’t it? I made the scissors available and let him have free reign over the recycling bin.

Even with all the talk I hear about a paperless society due to technology and emails, there is an astonishing amount of paper and cardboard in the recycling bin. I spend a good 15 minutes of each day—broken up in chunks mind you—sweeping up the remains of his crafting. 

And that’s after his best attempts at cleaning up first. This kept him busy for the past six months or so…until yesterday. 

Blank screen and constant vibrating

Every one of my boys has come home at one time with a suspicious “slash” on a piece of their clothing which after closer examination, turned out to be a deliberate scissor snip during a moment of boredom at school. There’s even been the occasional trim to that wayward chunk of hair. 

However, Levi took it to another level a few days ago when he decided to branch out from paper and cut his brother’s power cord for his phone to pieces. While it was plugged in! He somehow managed to avoid a “shocking” experience other than the shock he received from the look on his mother’s face and the sound of her voice when she walked in and caught him, scissors still in hand.    

Teaching independence seemed like a good idea by the time we were on the fifth kid. But Levi has perfected the art in ways we never expected. Sometimes it’s handy, like dressing himself each morning, but more often it’s not. Like today, when he decided to wash my old phone to make it a little shinier for me. How thoughtful, but I’m pretty sure the blank screen and constant vibrating is a bad sign.   

On top of my game

There’s the “time to get more organized” ideas, to plan ahead and be on top of my game. Thinking ahead, I found good deals on some toys I could give as gifts when those birthday invites arrive. I even bought a 100 ft roll of wrapping paper that could last me for the next 50 birthdays, as long as all the kids like red polka dots. Unfortunately, I underestimated Levi’s capabilities and he discovered, opened, and then “wrapped'” the birthday presents. My five year supply of wrapping paper was reduced to a crumpled mess, stuffed under my bed, with a little unpackaged toy at the center of each bundle.

So I’ve been asking myself, is it worth it? Teaching them to use scissors, allowing them to stretch their wings a little without watching them every second? After these past three days, and in exasperation, I turned to Steve for council, and he sweetly suggested that I deserved to put my feet up this afternoon and have a little nap.  I love you dearly honey, but all this happened when I was awake! What in blazes do you think he’d do to my house if I took a nap?!!!!! 

As I sat here writing, my little man walked up to me with a “beautifully” wrapped little package and inside was the most lovingly, hand-cut valentine.  He smiled his sweet, little smile and said “It’s for you, Mom.”

It was the perfect little reminder. This is why I bother.    


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Monica Kronemeyer DeRegt
Monica Kronemeyer DeRegt

That was beautiful, and so well written! Thanks for sharing. Some days, we all need reminders.