Worth Celebrating

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I went home fairly exhausted late Friday night after helping with the clean-up at Heritage Alliance Church, following the graduation dinner and program.

What a night! What a week!

Watching our community of staff, students and parents come together to celebrate what God has done at ACS for our children is, once again, an incredible experience.

In front of 350 peers

Tuesday’s Airband program was an extraordinary expression of the unique gifts and abilities in our student body. Our SALT team and staff sponsors (Mr. Naayer and Mr. Olydam) audition every act so that each performance is appropriate and honours God. But it is also much more than this.

It is a testimony of the quality of our student body as well. Trevor Macintosh performed a three minute solo, in French, and won the entire competition. How is it that a grade 11 boy would have the courage to sing in French, in front of 350 peers, staff and parents? It is because he feels safe to do so. Our student body creates an atmosphere for students to take these kinds of risks.

That is worth celebrating.

Smiles all around

The 46th annual Sports Day on Wednesday was an equally fantastic expression of community and team work. Almost every student attended, most participated fully, and everyone enjoyed their time together. Our staff worked tirelessly to pull off this event and Mr. Boersma is a masterful director behind the whole day. From start to finish, this day was full of smiles, fun and team building. 

That is worth celebrating.

One enchanted evening

The BBQ and Fashion Show on Thursday was terrific. Our “alumni of the year” award needs to go to Mitch Styba for using his $100,000 worth of equipment in our gym to make the whole week look amazing. The atmosphere on the field during dinner was electric. Miss Kampen did a fine job of organizing the food and Mrs. DeJong did a super job of the fashion show. The band concert was inspiring. The teamwork by the staff to serve 700 people was impressive and the middle campus Market Day was delightful. 

That is worth celebrating.

So, after an exhausting week of celebration, I have no doubt that this gargantuan effort is worth it. God has given us so much at ACS and when we celebrate these gifts, wholeheartedly and together, I think it gives Him honour and glory. 

Celebrating together becomes a form of worship.   And that’s why we celebrate celebration week!


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