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Many passages in the Bible look back at the history of the people of God. There is good reason for this. Looking back allows us to reflect on how full our lives really are and, more importantly, to see God’s grace and goodness.

The following is a list of highlights of this year. While some are fairly recent, there are honestly items that I had completely forgotten about and can hardly believe they happened within the past 10 months.

Life is full. Sometimes that means it is busy, but through it all, God’s grace and goodness shine through. I hope you enjoy reading this list as much as I did. Thank you, Elementary Staff!


 1.  WAY back in late August, when the teachers competed in “Minute to Win It” activities—the most entertaining was when participants attempted to pass a cookie from their forehead to mouth without using hands! Seth Bakker

 2.  Creating book trailers with grade five class.  Linda (the librarian)

 3.  My birthday. I was not at school that day, so Miss Feenstra sent me a video of our whole class singing “Happy Birthday” to me! It was the most wonderful and special gift ever! Monique Janz

 4.  All the snow days we didn’t have. Groan! Karin Riemer

 5.  PBL came to elementary school: Pioneer Museum, Intermediate Art Show, the Potlatch. Karin Riemer

 6.  The 12 Days of Christmas Sing-Off with the middle and secondary campuses…and we rocked it with, “A Moose in a Maple Tree.” Karin Riemer

 7.  Definitely last Friday’s “Fabulous 5’s Farewell Festival!”  That’s a definite top 10! Karin Riemer

 8.  The lobby reno was pretty fabulous! Karin Riemer

 9.  The note a little UP girl wrote one day (so sweet!):
“In our world God made Jesus, and I rilie Love him. I love all the stories about him. I love the story abot the footwasing. He’s a relly good guy and wen he died and rose agan, that’s so cool. I cannot see him, but I hear the storys about him.” Anthony Koster

 10.  After the Annie musical, I went to my mother-in-law’s house for cake. As we were revelling in the afterglow, I mentioned how amazed I was that all the students, including those with differing abilities, were involved. My mother-in-law asked “Who were they?” That was beautiful! Everyone had a role in this huge endeavour, and any differences did not stand out! Wendy Enns

 11.  I was amazed, humbled, thrilled and proud during that special moment of togetherness immediately following our evening production of “Annie” when the kids rejoiced at all they’d accomplished. Melanie Rae

 12.  I think the highlight for me this year was taking two grade five teams to MEI Middle School for the math competition! Overall, our teams won the competition! It was a great day. Lori Van Dyk

 13.  I remember the Professional Development day that Seth and Karin led in October, after coming back from High Tech High. Based on the response from those who attended, it was perhaps the best Pro-D day we have had and set the stage for some great collaboration and learning this year. Roy Van Eerden

 14.  The new Fun in the Sun…and the fact that it was NOT raining! Susan Dykshoorn

 15.  Celebrating the grade one Africa Day—playing all the games, making all the crafts, dressing up and eating all the yummy food! Susan Dykshoorn

 16.  One of my favourite moments of this year was watching five of my students come to their own conclusion to a recess conflict and then seeking reconciliation together by closing their discussion with a communal popcorn prayer. They did all of this without any adult intervention. It was a moment filled with the grace and power of God. Judy de Waal

 17.  My favourite moment was on the structures field trip with the UP classes. I liked exploring the Mission Bridge and taking a group picture in the train tunnel. Cool! Sharon Allan

 18.  One of my favourite moments was when a student called me “Grandma.” It was a first and I took it as a compliment. I also had a student saying that her grandma worked with my dad (it was actually my husband…so these two cancel each other out). Janita Minderhoud

 19.  Mother Goose Tea.  Seeing the Moms act out their nursery rhyme with their child.  They were so creative and some made goodies that matched their nursery rhyme as well. What a fun way to celebrate learning! Some of the Moms were more nervous than the students. Debbie Goertzen

 20.  A favorite moment this year was placing the green compost can in our classroom and having students actually excited about using it (and delivering the waste to Mr. Van Eerden’s home). Janice Van der Leek

 21.  June 19…2:45 pm 😉 Monique Weir


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