Be My Valentine…I Think

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So I have a question for you. 

Does a kind and thoughtful deed count toward the positive in your relationship IF you forget that you did the kind and thoughtful deed?

On Saturday, my wife and I came home from a nice lunch with her family and there were a dozen roses on the door step. She said, “Did you get these delivered for me?”

“Uh, I want to say yes, but no, I didn’t,” I replied sheepishly.

We then proceeded to interrogate our 19 year old son about the roses. He made the mistake of joking that they were for his girlfriend. We didn’t know he had a girlfriend (which he doesn’t). We harassed him for more than an hour about the mysterious girlfriend.

Hint, Hint

All afternoon and evening, we had those gorgeous roses on the island in the kitchen and we never took them out of the packaging because we thought perhaps someone had delivered them to the wrong house and they would be back shortly. It was truly a mystery. 

My wife kept saying, “These are for me, right? What exactly did you get me for Valentine’s Day anyway?” 

My day was not going well.

It Doesn’t Count!

Late in the evening, something clicked in my brain. “Hold on a second,” I thought to myself, “there were some students in my office three months ago who asked me to support their Mexico mission trip by purchasing something for my wife…on Valentine’s Day.” I was in such a hurry to get to a meeting I quickly wrote a cheque and ran out the door.

“Debbie, um, I love you. Those flowers are for you. I forgot that I had thought deeply about my love for you, three months ago, and ordered these roses from students for their Mexico mission trip. Hah, I am a good husband!

“No, it doesn’t count if you forgot that you got something special. How is that special if you forgot?” she explained emphatically.

“Well, isn’t it worse to forget to get your wife something special for Valentine’s Day than to forget that you got her something special?” I replied cautiously. 

So I have a question for you. Does a kind and thoughtful deed count toward the positive in your relationship IF you forget that you did the kind and thoughtful deed? 

I’m just not sure.


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Stephanie Botwright
Stephanie Botwright

What I’ve learned in the first seven months of my marriage is that the wife is always right!


The depth of sincerity and thought of love at the time of the transaction is everything. People forget things all the time, but this never negates a true and loving thought or impulse.

Nancy H
Nancy H

Absolutely, Gerry! Since I teach with your wife, I will help her to understand this concept. You were light years ahead of my husband on Valentine’s Day.


What I learned in the first 28 years of marriage is that in matters of the heart, she’s right way more than I am. Which is why I ask her for so much advise. But when it comes to computers… well, enough said. gg