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My father turned 70 recently and Heidi and I were able to travel to Ontario. The reason for our trip was to spend time with my dad, my mom, and all of my siblings and their spouses for a wonderful weekend of reminiscing and celebrating a man that we love and honour.

My dad is a good man, who grew up in a family situation that wasn’t ideal, and he and my mom went on to start their own family that was unique, special and intentional; in the context of the culture in which they found themselves—seeking to raise children who understood the world and God’s plan for them in their lives.

For me personally, he was a positive role model in every way and I continue to seek him out and trust him for advice as much as anyone I know. This trip, surrounded by people we love (especially family) allowed us to reflect a little bit about ourselves and who we are and what God has in store for our futures.

Tidbits of Wisdom

In many ways, there is not a whole lot that I covet about being 70, however, there are a few…and probably at the top of the list is the wisdom that a life of 70 years can bring. I think it’s safe to say, that many of us look at our own parents or significant elder companions and project what type of characteristics we would like to have (and potentially ones we would like to do without!). There are many 70 year olds that I know of that I would consider much wiser than myself, those that I would like to spend time with, just to glean a little bit of this sagacity for my own well-being and life patterns.

As a tribute to my dad and other important 70 year olds…a top 20 list for who I want to be when I’m 70…based on the encounters and relationships with the 70 year olds (like my dad) in my life.

I would like to be someone who:

  1. Loves God without any fears or concerns about how others view this love
  2. Has time for others in my life, and never once needs to complete a task first before giving over my attention to them
  3. Has children tell me what a great example I was of how loving I was to my wife
  4. Has grandchildren that beg their parents to spend time with me
  5. Is intentional about continuing to find ways that engage my mind and heart at a deep level
  6. Has the health to enjoy the good things in life (whatever they may be!)
  7. Has a relationship with at least three other people (other than my wife) who can be completely honest with and to me, about who we are in this world
  8. Finds the time to participate in a sport/leisure activity that keeps me active
  9. Still mows his own lawn and cares for his own gardens
  10. Has a hobby that gives me joy and makes me a better person
  11. Finds philanthropy a beautiful part of kingdom living
  12. Pursues the people in my life that I know in my heart of hearts I have mistreated or have been less than kind
  13. Reads novels
  14. Has a friend who shares no common interests
  15. Still enjoys a “French lunch” with my family every Sunday.
  16. Has at least one hearty laugh out loud (the ones that you only do with people you really love and trust) per day
  17. Runs every morning
  18. Hosts the grandkids for a week at a time (preferably along with Heidi 🙂 )
  19. Plays piano with others in the room
  20. Takes naps in the middle of the day

What’s your “Top 20 when you’re 70″ list?


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Anita Hoekstra
Anita Hoekstra

What great words of wisdom, well said! You are a gifted writer, keep up the great work God has started in you! Yes this is so true about your dad.

Roy van Eerden
Roy van Eerden

Enjoys asking questions more than giving answers.

Thomas Siebenga
Thomas Siebenga

Well said Jules. I hope I am still discovering and am passionate about new and exciting things. Facing each day with a desire to grow while being challenged by what life has to offer and God has to reveal in me.

Rick Thiessen
Rick Thiessen

I would just like to know who those two good looking guys in the picture are? And what is a “French lunch”?

Well said and well done Julius, we should all take more time thinking about how we want to finish the race instead of always concentrating on running it.