3 months into maternity leave

Sigh. I am feeling a little more like myself.

I think my son, Atticus, and I have figured out nursing, even in public. I am enjoying being home with him. I even did the laundry today.

Not folded, just did it.

5 months into maternity leave

What am I going to do about going back to work? Atticus, our adorable son, has some extra needs, so full-time is not an option. There are a lot of doctor’s appointments and visits with all kinds of specialists. Maybe I can see if there is a part-time option.

7 months into maternity leave

Talked to elementary principal, Roy van Eerden, and we figured out a part-time option that looks like it will work.

9 months into maternity leave

Renovated our whole house and lived with my parents all summer. My husband, Simon, can’t wait to get back to our own home.

11 months into maternity leave

Simon is going back to work. I have a little more time at home with Atticus before I head back. I will start to think about it and plan soon.

12 months into maternity leave

Yikes, I go back in a few weeks! I have my first few days planned. I know exactly what I am going to do to get to know my students, and how they will get to know me. We will do the pumpkin art project on the first day. We will write a journal about grade 1. We will work on our volleyball skills in P.E..

Night before I go back to work

I have my lunch packed. I have my outfit picked out. I have Atticus all ready to go in the morning. Simon is ready to help where needed.

I think I am ready.

First day back at work

I dropped Atticus off and made it to work on time. The kids came in and we had such a great morning getting to know each other and different routines. Recess. Go to the washroom. Lock the washroom door. Grab a coffee. Back to class. Time for pumpkin art. All the art projects look amazing!

Lunch. Go to the washroom. Forgot to lock the door. Co-worker walks in.

So close to the perfect first day.