Aug 27, 2019


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I’m an educator, and yes that means (generally speaking) summer is indeed a break from the regular rhythm of the school year…and yes, we educators are blessed to enjoy time off that most other industries don’t have the luxury of. I like to refer to summer holidays as a teachers’ Sabbath. It’s an intentional break [...]

Mar 4, 2019


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Along with the rest of my siblings, I took piano lessons growing up. My mom is an accomplished musician and she wanted to be sure that her children carried on this gene. I was the only one of my four siblings who actually crossed the plateau from despising these lessons to actually (secretly) enjoying learning [...]

Jan 9, 2019


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There are multiple trees in my back yard. Each of them has a story: 1. MAPLE TREE The beautiful maple tree—an Autumn Blaze that sits squarely at the mid-point of our back yard property line allowing for site-lines from all of our backyard windows. My parents gave me this tree for my birthday 12 years ago [...]

Mar 5, 2018


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I admit it…I’m a late adopter. I am careful in approach and rarely jump into anything new without appropriately assessing all options. Then I weigh them, and observe the early adopters to be sure I don’t experience the same pitfalls they will inevitably find themselves in. And although I consider myself a digital native, I [...]

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