Feb 29, 2016

Ground Control to Major Tom

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Ground control to Major Tom…Ground control to Major Tom…Hopefully by now, as a reader, you have started to hum the 1969 pop hit, “Space Oddity” by David Bowie and if you really enjoyed that genre and type of music you are well into the second verse in your mind by now…This is the song that [...]

Oct 5, 2015

Dave for President

By | 2015-10-05T08:58:40+00:00 October 5, 2015|Admin Staff, School Vision|

If it wasn’t for the “natural born citizen” clause…how many times have you heard Americans chanting for a Canadian to be President?Recently, I was invited to attend the Gathering of the Games—a business conference held in St. Louis, Missouri for entrepreneurial business leaders. These leaders attended the conference to improve their companies through an Open [...]

May 4, 2015

I Guess We’re Going to ACRES

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When I was a kid, I remember vividly the excitement that our family experienced when our parents told us that we were going to “go out” for supper. It was a big event! My siblings and I would all get excited about what the restaurant possibilities were.Survey says...We would start to throw out the usual [...]

Feb 3, 2015

I Remember the First Day…

By | 2015-02-03T07:33:50+00:00 February 3, 2015|Admin Staff, School Vision|

The memory of our first visit to Abbotsford comes back to me at this time of year. It's open enrolment time right now and the principals (especially Roy Van Eerden) are spending large amounts of time touring families through our school. They are walking new and prospective families through our hallways into the classrooms and [...]

Dec 2, 2014

A Church, A School, and A Wedding

By | 2014-12-02T07:05:42+00:00 December 2, 2014|Admin Staff, Celebrating, Faith, Relationships|

Heidi and I decided to get married in a vineyard—an active winery that makes quality wine. The sermon of the wedding ceremony included some messaging around Jesus’ very first miracle of turning water into wine and we participated in our very first communion together as a married couple—in front of a whole "host of witnesses." [...]

Nov 18, 2014

On and Off the Court

By | 2018-04-15T22:07:57+00:00 November 18, 2014|Admin Staff, Athletics, Whole Child Education|

Athletics. To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, “What’s the deal with athletics?” It seems that everyone has some thoughts on how ACS is doing and what we should be doing differently. Allow me to weigh in with some thoughts as a school administrator, parent, and coach. Straight-up, we have an excellent athletics program!  Have we won a [...]

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