Jan 21, 2020


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True confession: I can’t sing and in spite of a few valiant attempts, I cannot play a musical instrument. Among other things I inherited from my mother is the inability to carry a tune. However, I also inherited a love of music from my father. I have discovered that the two are not incongruous and [...]

Oct 22, 2015

How NOT to be an Artist

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BY JONATHAN BOERSecondary Art TeacherThere is a poster out there entitled “How to Be An Artist.” It’s a list of things an artist is supposed to do, like “plant impossible gardens,” “take moonbaths,” and “invite dangerous people to tea.” If this poster is the definitive list, I’m not an artist.The only things on that poster [...]

Jan 6, 2014

Please…Anything But the Ballet

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It was Heidi’s birthday this past weekend. Heidi and I have had a long tradition that instead of buying gifts for these occasions, we go on a dates together (including a special dinner) and spend our money on an experience that has lasting memories. For whatever reason, I was having a tougher time trying to [...]

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