Jan 9, 2019


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There are multiple trees in my back yard. Each of them has a story: 1. MAPLE TREE The beautiful maple tree—an Autumn Blaze that sits squarely at the mid-point of our back yard property line allowing for site-lines from all of our backyard windows. My parents gave me this tree for my birthday 12 years ago [...]

Sep 10, 2018


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12 000 kms in 30 days. Seeing pandas and penguins at the Calgary Zoo (the penguins were much more interesting), stopping at the geographical center of North America (unplanned) and the longitudinal center of Canada (planned), kayaking and tubing down lazy rivers in North Michigan, getting much closer to the foot of Niagara Falls than [...]

Jun 19, 2018


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BY MEGHAN FRANKLIN, CLASS OF 2015 My younger brother (and only sibling) Evan will be graduating on Tuesday. As I’ve been watching him and his friend’s prepare for prom, exams, and the excitement of commencement over the past months, I can’t help but reflect on when I was going through those same experiences myself three [...]

Apr 30, 2018


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The email was followed up by a text; the kind that starts off with polite pleasantries about the weather and courteous queries about how I’ve been, only to make the awkward shift into, “So…while I’ve got your attention, I was wondering….” It’s the ever-popular approach of requesting a favour of someone or reminding them of [...]

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