Sep 29, 2016

Change Is Afoot

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Each morning, when my alarm goes off, I wake up to the staticky sounds of a local Christian radio station. As this is one of the only radio stations I seem to get with any clarity in Chilliwack, it's that or the obnoxious factory installed alarm, incessantly blaring me to consciousness. So Praise 106.5 it [...]

Jun 23, 2016

Steve “THE ROCK” Brandsma

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This week we find ourselves saying a lot of good-byes. While we can't wait for that final bell to ring, signalling the end of another year and the start of the lazy days of summer, it's bittersweet. Because every year we grow attached to another set of amazing teachers. They've guided our kids, gone above [...]

Feb 1, 2016


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Last week was exams and I thought life would be kind of quiet as the older boys buckled down and really applied themselves to their studies. Levi and I would respect their need for silence and stay busy in the kitchen and living room while the boys holed up in their bedrooms and studied the day [...]

Dec 29, 2015

Flying Turtles

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Since the day Caleb was born, people have been telling me to hang on to each moment because time flies. This was the first I was hearing of this 'time flying' phenomenon. As kids, we tend to look ahead, anticipating each exciting milestone. And whenever you are waiting, time seems to act more like a [...]

Nov 26, 2015

Becoming a Man

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I have five boys in this house and from the time they were little, they've been on a mission. The mission of becoming a man. (I feel as if I should grunt after saying that like they did in that old sitcom, Home Improvement) Just this morning, my four year old reminded me that someday [...]

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