Feb 3, 2020


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I have been enrolled in an MBA program for the last few years and it’s been quite a ride. One that has sparked significant growth for me personally and ultimately—I hope—professionally. “Leading Organizational Change and Culture” is my most recent and second last course in the program. No Sympathy Here During the first week of [...]

Dec 16, 2019


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I had been waiting for it and somehow, I missed the call. For real? I emailed the City of Abbotsford awhile ago with some deep hopes of partnering with them on a “What’s in My Backyard?” project. A project—that post-Newcastle Island trip and amidst FSA writing in grade 7—was due to be presented at Presentations [...]

Oct 22, 2018


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My daughter phoned me a couple of years ago and said, “Dad, I bought a boat.” Awkward silence. I didn’t know what to say. She had just been married, her husband was in his last year of university, they were poor as church mice and she was halfway through her nursing degree…and she bought a [...]

May 7, 2018


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BY WENDY ENNS, LEARNING SUPPORT SERVICES COORDINATOR What on earth could I possibly offer teachers from a rural village in Ethiopia? In November 2016, I had an incredible opportunity to travel with Run for Water to see a village that ACS Elementary raised money for clean water and a school. I was asked if I [...]

Mar 5, 2018


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I admit it…I’m a late adopter. I am careful in approach and rarely jump into anything new without appropriately assessing all options. Then I weigh them, and observe the early adopters to be sure I don’t experience the same pitfalls they will inevitably find themselves in. And although I consider myself a digital native, I [...]

Feb 19, 2018


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Feathers floated through the air; strands of wig hair lay scattered on the ground. Kids were running around in circles practising a classmate’s fish swim move, and the one counter space left in my classroom had become an apparent make-up station.    My classroom resembled anything but a learning environment. “Mrs. Barthel, I can’t find [...]

Feb 13, 2018


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BY SHERRY DRADER, GRADE 4 TEACHER This past Christmas left me flabbergasted—the cardboard box STILL became the most sought after “toy” between my three kids! I’ve always been fascinated by the hours of enjoyment children get from a simple cardboard box, as the adult in me just wants to clean up the mess, flatten the [...]

Mar 6, 2017

Sometimes I feel like a…

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“Sometimes I feel like a porcupine, innocent and curious. I have a big imagination and know how to protect myself.” This is how the small, square book began. I was browsing for First Nations themed books in our wonderful library. By the time I finished this book by Danielle Daniel, I was hooked and had [...]

Feb 27, 2017

If You Build It, They Will Come

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On Friday, February 17, we did our annual pilgrimage from the multi-purpose room at the secondary campus to the middle school gymnasium with literally tons of wood. I will admit that this pilgrimage is not my favourite day of the school year.  In one day, we have to organize 25 students to help us move [...]

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