Nov 12, 2018


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Large crowds of protesters, police barricades and masked men with guns roaming streets. A house burned down killing those inside including a five-month old baby, arrests and disappearances and police road checks examining phones for any evidence of anti-government postings. Over 500 dead and 350,000 people out of work. Unfortunately, these kinds of reports are [...]

Jul 3, 2018


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BY CHLOE MAARHUIS Sometimes siblings suck. They may boss me around and annoy me when I least need it, but I know I have siblings for a reason. I am a classic shy middle child. I share many of the same interests as my siblings, but I also enjoy time by myself. I have two [...]

Apr 10, 2017

Ice Cream, New Shoes and Two Parks

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When the temperature is in the mid to high 30s, the tinkle of the ice cream cart is a great sound. We were able to enjoy an ice cream sandwich or a fudge bar when the ice cream man showed up at an opportune time during our trip to Nicaragua. Mostly it was the leaders [...]

Feb 6, 2017

Top 11 Things You Hear on the Golf Course

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On an annual basis, during late January/early February, my father flies all of his boys (3 of us) and a son-in-law out to the Phoenix area for a long weekend of golf. This year was no exception. Not only was it a great weekend of golf with memories that came from this, but it was [...]

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