Jan 23, 2017

Man vs. Fish

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It was once my custom to take the entire Biology 12 class to the Bamfield Marine Station on the desolate west coast of Vancouver Island. The students to experienced first-hand the unspoiled, rugged coastline for which BC is famous. The opportunities to study marine life using the resources of biological station were fantastic and students [...]

Mar 28, 2014

My Coffee Mug and Genesis 1

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This is my work mug.  I've been drinking from it since before my current students were born. There's much you can know about my mug if you study it as a scientist might. One of the tools scientists use is empirical observation. By this method they could determine things like capacity (32 ml), mass, (347.1 [...]

Jan 24, 2014

Fruit or Vegetable?

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When I was 10, I was a fundamentalist. It was then that I learned in science class that the tomato was a fruit. It's likely that, armed with this new information, I sallied forth to do battle against ignorance—or, rather, against the ignorant. I'd approach my unsuspecting victim and say, "Tomatoes are fruit." Predictably, they'd [...]

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