Oct 23, 2017


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At 7:50 am, I hug my son and daughter and bid them farewell. I watch them walk down the street and head towards our school. I close the door, breathe deep, and smile. Yes, my kids walk to ACS every day. Saving Time or Sanity? In actuality, if I drove them, it would take me twice [...]

Apr 3, 2017

Crossing Borders

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As a young boy, who was raised in Ontario, I remember taking multiple family vacations “to the west” to visit my grandparents in Lacombe, Alberta. On one of our trips, my parents decided to traverse the continent mostly in the US, taking in some sights along the way such as Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone etc. However, [...]

Nov 21, 2016

The French Connection

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“Bon joor les eleves!” “Comment aller voos?” My typical morning greeting in my best Franglais. I usually conclude my welcome address with, “That’s French for those of you that aren’t bilingual.” This is always met with a hail of criticism, correction and, sometimes, laughter…that’s the point. I have fun with my poorly developed linguist skills [...]

Nov 16, 2015

can i buy a dress on your credit card?

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The following text conversation took place a few weeks back between my daughter, Carissa, and me. Carissa is in her second year studying at Providence Christian College in Pasadena, California. I received the first text message just before 9:00 a.m. on a Monday morning.CARISSA: can i buy a dress on your credit card? you can [...]

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