My blood pressure is rising, my heart is beating faster, and my brain is going from a state of atrophy to one of overdrive.

Summer isn’t even over yet but things are changing. 

It isn’t just the days getting shorter or the weather cooling off. The long anticipated camping trips have come and gone. The trailer has been packed away, the sunscreen bottle is empty, and none of us have the same enthusiasm for packing up the car and lugging our gear down to the river as we did a month ago. Even our backyard little pool sits empty most of the time as the floaties have popped and the water guns are in pieces. 

My email inbox which was so marvellously empty all summer is clogging up faster than I can deal with it. All summer I breathed a sigh of contentment when I gazed at my calendar’s unblemished and pristine white pages. Now each time I have to peak under August to add something to September my eyes twitch and my body convulses a little. 

Where a week ago I was hearing the pitter-patter of bare feet running through the house, I now hear the sporty tread of those non-marking, brand new, school shoes that my little boys insist on wearing from the moment they jump out of bed. My bank account, which had a little extra padding the last two months due to no Christian school payments is slimming down at an alarming rate as I fork out money for school supplies/clothing/club fees/etc. Where this summer I had the blessing of all 5 of my boys under my roof, I now only get virtual hugs from my oldest as I text him emojis from 2600 km away.

Things are definitely changing. 

And just like every August since I put Caleb in kindergarten years ago, I’m debating whether I’m truly ready for it. Am I ready to say good bye to the lazy days of summer, the break from routine, the lower blood pressure, the stable beat of my own heart and the only tax on my brain being whether to grill chicken or beef for supper? 

But despite my reservations and the long list of things I’ll miss about the passing of summer, I know it’s time.

Levi spent the summer wading in our pond, perfecting the art of goldfish catching but can no longer count by 2s past 6. Time for Mrs. Dykshoorn to whip him into shape.

Owen could start a dog grooming business after the hours he’s spent currying and combing our farm dogs, but claims he no longer reads and does some sort of funky break dance every time he’s asked to pick up a book. Time for Mrs. deWolde to get him back in line.

Aiden, who would spend all day at the neighbours if he could, seems to have lost the ability to tell time, coming home for chores well past egg collection time. Time for Carrie Lockwood to beat him into submission.

Drew, who couldn’t wait for classes to be over in June is actually pining for school to start because he’s lost count of the number of lego cars he’s had to build and repair in the last two months. Time for Gary Verbeek to put him under the hood of a car that isn’t built of bricks. 

I’ve attempted my own boot camp for the boys, designed to make the transition of discipline and school smoother. I require burpees (jump/pushups) for every wet towel found on the floor, congealed cereal bowl left in the living room….But at the rate they’re going, all 4 of them will be unrecognizable, mini versions of the incredible hulk by the time September 5 rolls around. 

So it’s time.

And when the alarm goes off early that morning, I know the boys will jump out of bed with a hop and a skip, ready to face the year ahead. 

It’s not them I’m worried about.

I haven’t set my alarm since June 23. It’s time someone whipped me into shape and unfortunately the day of reckoning is only a few short mornings away!!!