We hear it so often now—everything has changed; everything is different now. Even my Saturdays are different than before. I used to wake up a little later than on a weekday, go for my run, then go ahead with all the errands moved to the “Saturday-To-Do-List.” Typically, this involved a trip for groceries or to a home improvement store.

Now, I wake up earlier to go for my Saturday run because the track and sidewalks are so busy with other people getting out for their walk or run. I also can’t go shopping the way I used to (though the to-do list never seems to go away!).

Knock Knock

Part of my new routine on Saturdays includes delivering birthday greetings and Kinder Eggs to our middle school students who have celebrated a birthday that week. I have averaged five deliveries every Saturday.

There are some real perks to these birthday deliveries.

First, I have the opportunity to see and interact (at the appropriate physical distance, of course) with some of our students. Like all our staff members, I really miss interacting with middle school students. This weekly connection is a lot of fun.

Secondly, the drive is often an excuse to spend some time with my youngest daughter. We have some fantastic conversations as we travel all around Abbotsford and the surrounding areas.

From Here to There

Speaking of traveling, a typical Saturday not only involves visiting homes close to our campus, but heading out to Chilliwack, West Abbotsford, Mission, and Dewdney. I enjoy discovering “new to me” neighbourhoods and impressing my daughter with my sense of direction and knowledge of street names.

The students whom I visit share stories of creative birthday celebrations. Drive-by parades of well wishers, a group of friends presenting a birthday dance routine on the street in front of their house, great fun with their siblings, and even a dancing dinosaur has visited a few homes (Mr. Don Kowalchuk may know something about this particular species of Tyrannosaurus Rex!).

My Saturday deliveries are definitely a highlight of my changed week. Perhaps I will be coming to a doorstep near you in the coming weeks!