Jan 9, 2019


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There are multiple trees in my back yard. Each of them has a story: 1. MAPLE TREE The beautiful maple tree—an Autumn Blaze that sits squarely at the mid-point of our back yard property line allowing for site-lines from all of our backyard windows. My parents gave me this tree for my birthday 12 years ago [...]

Dec 17, 2018


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BY LINDA HOWARD, MIDDLE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT It never ceases to amaze me the mountains of t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, shorts, jackets, lunch kits, water bottles, and myriad other miscellaneous items that end up in the lost and found each and every term of each and every school year! Braving the stink One would think that [...]

Nov 19, 2018


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BY DAN VERBEEK, GRADE 7 TEACHER Being a teacher has its perks from time to time. We receive many gifts and goodies from students and families at Christmas and the end of the year. We are showered with cookies, baking, candy and gift cards. It is really wonderful…but only temporary and only confined to those [...]

Nov 12, 2018


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Large crowds of protesters, police barricades and masked men with guns roaming streets. A house burned down killing those inside including a five-month old baby, arrests and disappearances and police road checks examining phones for any evidence of anti-government postings. Over 500 dead and 350,000 people out of work. Unfortunately, these kinds of reports are [...]

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