It is so hard to believe that 28 years have passed since I first joined the ACS community to teach grade 2. Over the years I have also taught grade 1 and then Kindergarten. Each year brought a new group of children under my wings.

Teaching young children is a bit like being a mother hen. I have had the privilege of seeing many of them graduate from ACS and in turn send their children into my class. The children would giggle when I would sometimes call them by their mother or father’s name because they reminded me of them! What a privilege to see generational attendance at ACS. The picture below is of a student from my first class at ACS, Andrea Bravo and her twin boys, Alex and Nova, who were in my last class this year!

The one true constant

There have been many changes over the years to our facilities, to the curriculum, a greater diversity of cultures in our school and new staff members that always brought their unique gifts and talents to the classroom. One thing that has not changed is the emphasis on the Lordship of Christ being woven throughout the day and throughout the curriculum. What a privilege it is to be a part of a school that endeavors to see that all children from Christian families have an opportunity to be a part of the ACS community.

Our special education department is a model for other schools that desire to have inclusion. I would like to thank all of the administrators I have worked with and fellow teachers for providing an environment where excellence was expected and team collaboration was a vehicle for achieving it.

What a blessing!

The evening of June 6 will be one of the fondest memories in my life. The wonderful turnout that evening to honour me as I retired, was very humbling and a great blessing. I have also been blessed by the many people who could not attend that evening who have come by my classroom, or stopped by my home to say good-bye.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my amazing Kindergarten colleagues who organized the event. Thank you to Debbie Goertzen, Janita Minderhoud, Maria Wikkerink, Annette Trent, and Crystal Barry. I truly appreciate the years we have worked together and how my life and teaching have been enriched by each of you.

I was so blessed by the words of my current and previous principals, Roy van Eerden, Ed Noot and Henry Contant. The song written by Trent DeJong and Gerry Goertzen and Gerry sang, brought tears. It was so touching. Thank you to each of you for your leadership and friendship.

In closing, I would just like to say that I can’t think of another place I would rather have spent my teaching career more than at ACS. Thank you parents, children and colleagues for the most wonderful memories that I could possibly take with me. I give thanks to our Lord for leading our family to ACS and I know that He is leading us into a new chapter of our lives.

Please look us up if you are coming through Calgary/Airdrie. I would love to see you!