I am a mom of 2 middle school kids; my daughter is in grade 6 and my son is in grade 7, putting us right in the thick of middle school. Over their school years, we’ve endured some rather interesting trends! Our kids find joy in all kinds of strange and unusual things, so we as parents grit our teeth reminding ourselves that like potty training, this too shall pass!

Here’s my list of top 10 kid trends I’ve survived:

  1. Squishies

    These mini, or giant-sized squishy toys come in many shapes and sizes. The bigger and squishier, the better, or so my kids say!

  2. The Dab

    Just put your head down and fling both arms up and to one side really fast and stealthy like. I can dab, at least I think I can, until my kids start gut wrenching laughs every time I do it.

  3. Pokémon

    Cards or “Go”; we’ve had both at our house. Ever been driving when your child suddenly shrieks out, “STOP!” because you’re passing a poke stop?! Or do you have cards strewn all over your living room floor while they sort and evaluate them?

  4. Rainbow Loom

    This trend was one that I enjoyed more than endured. Made a kid out of even me. Except when an elastic breaks after 2 hours of carefully crafting a multi loom extravagant creation—that’s when the fun ends!

  5. Fortnite

    This is a trend that I’m still enduring…and I do mean enduring! This can be played online with a whole group of friends, but don’t be fooled when your child asks for“one more round”…it’ll be another hour!

  6. Slime/Putty

    This gooey, messy stuff comes in many forms and fashions. It can be homemade or store bought, as long as it’s gooey!

  7. Fidget Spinners

    This tiny toy was a booming sensation a few years ago. Spin it between your fingers, on the tip of your fingers, or even on your nose! A great way to distract your kids from listening.

  8.  Water Bottle Flipping

    Why spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect Christmas present when all your child wants is a water bottle? A great way for bored kids to entertain themselves for hours with nothing more than an almost empty disposable bottle.

  9.  The word yeet

    This is the newest trend I’m currently surviving. It’s so new and hip that I don’t know if I’ve spelled correctly as it’s not even in my spell-checker yet! I don’t know how to use it, but I do know it’s cool…if only I could figure out when is the right time to shout it out!

  10. The Floss

    This dance is something that every kid can do and every adult can’t! Like the dab, my kids go into hysterics every time I try it. I do it to keep them laughing!

Now you’ll have to excuse me…my kids need to show me some memes…oh wait, that could be #11 —Yeet!