I’m married to a chef. My husband can make food so scrumptious, it yells, “Eat me!” He treats food like art. Even finishing salt gets sprinkled on by hand, with a flourish, while leaning in closely to the plate.

Gary can look in the fridge and make something delicious. I can look in the fridge and get milk for cereal.

Cool by Association

Before we married, he worked as an executive chef and opened restaurants in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Whistler and Vancouver. Although he doesn’t like to talk about it, he’s cooked with celebrity chefs like Jamie Kennedy and Leslie Stowe and he’s even appeared on Breakfast Television to do a cooking demonstration (I like to think that I am cool by association).

Several years ago, Gary left the restaurant scene behind and now works as an executive chef and food service director for an upscale dining service (he jokingly refers to himself as the lunch lady). It’s a perfect fit because it allows us to be home together in the evenings and weekends.

These days, one of my favourite things is watching Gary pass on his love for food and cooking to our two-year-old. Over Christmas break, the two of them whipped up a fine batch of crepe batter.

So Lucky and Thankful

I often get asked who cooks dinner at our house. Most days, it isn’t me. I do know how to cook, (mostly warm things up) but what is stressful and tedious for me, is relaxing and creative for him.

Inevitably, when someone hears that my husband does most of the cooking, I am told how lucky I am. And YES, I am!  However, so is everyone who gets dinner cooked for them.

So take a minute right now and thank the person who made your dinner today (or share this blog post and get a thank you for yourself).

Now, as we say in our house, enjoy your meal, eet smakelijk, and itadakimasu!